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Salon Services

Our stylists are all about making you feel like the best version of yourself. Whether you're looking to wear your natural locks or make a big change, we're ready to make your dreams come to life!

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Cuts & Styling

Female Haircut                               $38-44.00

Male Haircut                                   $26.00

Kids Haircut (10 and Under)         $22.00

Bang Trim                                       $8.00

Beard Trim                                      $10.00

Short Hair Shampoo Style             $20.00

Long Hair Shampoo Style              $25.00

Updo                                                $60.00

Hair Color

*Pricing is decided upon by the service provider depending on how much color and time the service requires. If you are wanting an idea on pricing, please schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your color estimate.

All Over Color


One Color Weave or Foils     

Two Color Weave or Foils  

Three Color Weave or Foils 

Partial Weave  

Balayage or Free Hand    


Extra Tube  

Color Camouflage

Corrective Color                                TBD

Color Consultation                             FREE

Black Fabric

Hair Treatments

Botanical Treatment                                                                           $35.00

The Botanical Treatment from Aveda is customizable targeting moisture, repair and scalp balance.

Ultimate Treatment                                                                            $45.00

This L'ANZA treatment is customized by your stylist based on your hair needs.

Emergency Service                                                                             $65.00

The Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Services provides critical care for severely damaged hair. It works to reinforce areas of the hair that have been destroyed. This should be used on critically damaged hair; After color & bleach services, straightening, smoothing or relaxing services. 

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